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Wood Netsuke: Crocodile & Deer
Over 600 designs for your choice
Our wood netsuke is made by quality boxwood, and each item is carved by hand. You can click the product icon to view larger pictures for details. Each item is about 2 inches.
We also accept your OEM designs, our min order is 50pcs each item. Please select the item number you are interested and inform us your target quantity each item chinafeitian@gmail.com to or fax to 86 595 23221000.
Animal: Crocodile (2 designs matching)
Wooden Nestsuke Crocodile
Crocodile Wooden Netsuke
Animal: Deer (3 designs matching)
Deer Wooden Netsuke
Wooden Netsuke Deer
Boxwood Netsuke Deer
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